"I pledge allegiance to the Baptist Flag,
And to the Faith once delivered unto the Saints.
I will ever remain faithful to the tie that binds us together,
The Book, the Blood, and the Blessed Hope of our Lord's soon return."

Desiring a flag with which to identify, yet reluctant to embrace the Christian Flag because of its adoption by a broad scope of religious groups which have blurred its distinctiveness, FRMBC decided to display a flag which is attractive in its appearance and distinct in its message.

This flag emphasizes the theme "The Tie That Binds." It embodies the three-fold cord which binds true Baptists around the world - seen by the red bowtie design.

As Baptists, we hold to the Book, the Word of God (the King James Bible) as our rule for faith and practice; the Blood shed by Christ for the remission of sin; and the Blessed Hope of the return of Christ to unite us together in Heaven, and eventually the new earth, with Him for all eternity.

The colors are also symbolic and significant in their message. Red is symbolic of the blood of Christ by which we are redeemed, white for His purity and the robe of righteousness of the saints. (adapted)