Christian Life Institute

Several years ago Pastor Hugan began holding this Sunday afternoon Bible study class before the evening service. Over the past couple of years, Pastor has dealt with a number of topics classified as "practical theology."

Past topics include:
"Living the Crucified Life" / "Biblical Separation" / "Liberty, License, & Legalism" / "Precepts, Principles, & Preferences" / "Victory in the Christian Life" / "The Bride of Christ" / "Apostasy" / "The Nation of Israel" / "Biblical Unity" / "The Unseen World" / "Bible Numerics" / "Sin, Suffering, & Sickness" / "Excuses" / "Introduction to Youth Evangelism & Discipleship" / a study on The Minor Prophets / Harmartiology (the doctrine of sin) / Church Discipline.

These particular "practical theology" studies use fill-in-the-blank style lesson material. They allow class members to look up the Scripture references and search the Scriptures to find the answers. They are life-challenging and enjoyable to work on.

From time to time Pastor Hugan holds Spiritual Leadership Training as part of the ongoing training in the ministries of FRMBC.

Currently, we are studying the topic of Biblical Hope. What an anchor is to a ship, true Biblical hope is to the soul. They both stablize whatever needs to be held steady amidst the storms in life. Every Christian has been given a secure anchor in the person of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 6:19).
This study covers the definition and description of Biblical hope and dispells the myths commonly found in modern pop-psychology. It details the differences between cultural hope and Biblical hope and uncovers the characteristics of misplaced hope; pointing to the Biblcal anchors God provides for His people.

Bible Studies